PowerShell Cmdlets

  • PowerShell Cmdlets (command lets) are commands.
  • Cmdlets performs an action and typically return a Microsoft .Net framework object to the command in the pipeline.
  • PowerShell Cmdlets are designed to have similar structure and syntax

Basic Structure of PowerShell Cmdlets:
Verb-Noun -Parameter Argument
Verb: It describes the action
Noun: It describes the target of that action
Parameter: It is an optional characteristic or property of the noun

PowerShell Cmdlets Verbs: Below are most commonly used verbs in PowerShell
Get: Queries a specific object
Set: Modifies the settings of an object
Enable: Enables a setting
Disable: Disables a setting
New: To create new instance of an item
Remove: It removes instance of an item

Other verbs are Add, Clear, Import, Export, Format Invoke, etc

Examples: Get-Process, Set-ExecutionPolicy,Set-Item,New-Service, etc…

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