How to run powershell as administrator

Why we need to run PowerShell as administrator
Some applications require administrator privileges otherwise it wont work.

There are two ways to run PowerShell as administrator

1) Graphical
2) PowerShell

Why Windows PowerShell

Why Windows PowerShell


  • PowerShell provides command-line tools for windows administrators
  • This is similar to Unix/Linux automation tool.
  • Provides cmdlets for common system administration tasks to manage registry, services, processes,Event Logs, WMI(Windows Management Instrumentation)
  • PowerShell is a task based scripting language and support for existing scripts and command-line tools.
  • PowerShell provides consistent design, common syntax and naming conventions, pipelining.
  • PowerShell provides simplified, command based navigation of the operating system.
  • Powerful object manipulation capabilities, objects can be directly manipulated or sent to other tools or databases.
  • PowerShell can be used to develop custom tools and utilities to administer software.
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